Salva Vida "Restaurant in Movement” started as an underground pop up restaurant that Yuval created that operated in different spots throughout Tel Aviv. In March 2016, Yuval began his residency at the Brown TLV and stayed there for just over a half a year, in November 2016, found his permanent home at Hayarkon Street 88 – TLV 88 Hotel, across from the Tel Aviv shoreline. Fachler’s culinary style is a fusion of the different countries that he worked in, childhood memories, and local and seasonal products; When California meets the Mediterranean.The menu is based on quality and fresh ingredients, creativity, colors and textures.

In the morning hours you can enjoy breakfast inspired by different cities around the world on our balcony looking out to the sea. In the evening, different dishes like seared sashimi tuna and pomegranate salsa. "Chopino” – a fisherman’s dish of seafood famous in San Francisco, a dish that early Italian immigrants brought with them made with a tomato and ginger broth and served with sourdough bread. Fish Taco – blackened fish with a homemade tortilla and Chilli jam. Also the very creative "Inside- Out Ravioli”. Alongside these dishes our creative cocktails and fine wines that have been carefully chosen to pair with the dishes and the menu.

The element of motion remains an inseparable part of the Chef’s personality, and comes alive with the interior design of the restaurant; a bar made with brass pipes that have no beginning and no end, a hydroponic plant system that grows the fresh organic herbs used in the Chef’s dishes. Salva Vida’s menu is also in constant motion and changes often.

Chef Yuval Fachler grew up in the United States, studied culinary arts at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in upstate New York. Worked in Napa Valley, Italy and London and managed important kitchens in Tel Aviv. The Chef brings to the table, his international experience, flavors and memories of which you will not find in any other restaurant.