The Historical Bauhaus building watching the shores of Tel-Aviv from over the boardwalk at Ha'yarkon 88 has served as a hotel from as far as 1937, and is one of the city's first hotels."The Excelsior Hotel "
Under current day's renovation and new designs it's taken the name of TLV88 Sea Hotel, and is as glad as ever to host the city's friends from all around the world.
Enjoy a share of heaven by the warmest water of the famous Bugrashov Beach, where tourists and locals come together to get suntanned or share a game of volleyball.
Long walks on the endless promenade can provide wellness as well as unbelievable romantic moments by sunset.
At night you can party across the city that never sleeps, with some of the best DJs in the world play in the different clubs every day of the week. 
Enchanting yacht-like rooms, decorated to fit your Mediterranean sailing adventure, will make you vacation a truly magical time. With high luxurious beds, marble bathrooms and spoiling amenities to answer your every need, you are sure to enjoy all the perks and comforts of an authentic Tel-Aviv vacation.