What Guests Should Expect From Tel Aviv Boutique Hotels

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv is the TLV88 hotel, an accommodation that is known as being one of the best and most highly recommended Tel Aviv boutique hotels. A lot of people are unfamiliar with boutique hotels and do not know what they are and what to expect.
Tel Aviv Boutique Hotels by the sea
What Are Tel Aviv Boutique Hotels?
The term "boutique hotel” was coined in the 1980s. The term is used to describe hotels which have anywhere from ten to one hundred rooms, and the hotel is typically located somewhere unique and is almost always urban. Tel Aviv boutique hotels are also known as being a more upscale accommodation than your standard hotel room.
The TLV88 is a one of a kind accommodation which has twenty-five air conditioned guestrooms available for booking, all of which include air conditioning, LCD TVs with cable television, comfortable beds, and luxurious rainfall showerheads. What makes this hotel different from other hotels in the area is that it is located right on the boardwalk and is within walking distance of both Frishman Beach and Gordon Beach. It is also close to the world-renowned shopping area, the Dizengoff Center.
What Should I Expect From a Boutique Hotel?
What you can expect from a boutique hotel may differ from city to city. Most Tel Aviv boutique hotels have several common amenities, including:
Spa services
Airport shuttles
Coffee and tea in the lobby (with some having on-site dining)
On-site restaurants and lounges
Multi-lingual staff who are available twenty-four hours a day
The hotel TLV88 strives to provide guests with the ultimate experience when staying in Tel Aviv. Not only does it offer all of the expected amenities, but it also has additional features that guests can enjoy. There is a spa tub available for use, beach cabanas that are perfect for lazing under, and a rooftop terrace that offers breathtaking views of the sea.